Do we really care about 4G?


According to TechCrunch: "A Retrevo survey found that 34% of iPhone owners think the “4″ in iPhone 4 stands for 4G. 24% of Blackberry owners think their phone is 4G (which is also impossible). 61% of iPhone owners don’t actually care about 4G and will buy a next-gen iPhone with or without the service. Blackberry and Android users are also interested in the new iPhone, regardless of 4G speeds."

Well, that's one hell of a survey. Reading between the lines I was thinking to myself - "what a nice way to say: both Android and BlackBerry Owners are interested in the next iPhone…" which makes sense to me, exactly like saying that some iPhone users may be interested in some Android phones.

My take from it?

  1. 4G is not yet a factor when it comes to selecting a smartphone
  2. 34% of iPhone users are not that techie…
  3. iPhone is still an attractive gadget, even for Android users with phones with better specs…
  4. People like surveys, even if there is nothing new that you can learn from them…

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LOL! The picture really reflects the essense of the 4G technology. Personally i don't care at aloo about 4G. Even about 3G not really.