First Mango Phone is the Fujitsu IS12T


So it seems like Mango is finally coming.

Toshiba Fujitsu has officially announced the first Windows Phone 7 Mango handset and even gave it a catchy name: IS12T (or was it… SIT12.. no it was probably 12IST… well screw it, who cares about the name, catchy names are overrated…).

The device looks very thin, it comes with a few colors, but more importantly: it will have a 13.2 megapixel camera and will be water proof (as can be seen in the video below).

Water proof WP7 phone with an improved Twitter integration. How cool is that.

Now I will be able to tweet: "Taking a shower", or maybe: "in the toilets…", "oh no, my phone just fell into the toilets!".

Here's a short video: