The HTC Evo 3D


Guest Post:

The fast-developing world of mobile phones has taken another, rather expected, leap forward with 3D handsets. The HTC Evo 3D has a dual camera that can shoot video and capture photos in 3D – and you can view them without having to wear the glasses.

The dual 5MP camera lets you shoot in 720p and, if you have one, you can stream it straight onto your 3D TV at home. 3D photographs are shot in 2MP while the 2D snaps use the 5MP capability to the max. On the handset itself, these are all displayed on a 4.3” super-crisp and vibrant screen. Rather unexpectedly, however, the new 3D function does not take big bites out of the Evo’s daily life, perhaps because of the mighty 1730mAH battery. This beauty runs a powerful 1.2GHz dual core processor with a 1GB memory and 1GB internal memory space.

The HTC Watch function we saw on the Sensation is back, too – and, of course, this time in 3D. 3D blockbusters like Avatar and Transformers are likely to be made available for download for instant viewing on the Evo itself.

It is, as you might have gathered, only the camera function of the phone that is 3D. This is not entirely disappointing, since we wouldn’t expect any phone on the current market to have the power to handle a completely 3D OS, but maybe it’s not so far off.

The ‘flip to silence’ feature remains, while auto-adjusting ringing volume comes into effect. If the phone rings while you’re in a noisy area, it increases the volume so you don’t miss any more calls. Well, that’s the idea. You can also cut out loading times on maps with the ability to download and store them on the phone itself. The maps, we are sad to say, are not in 3D.

HTC Evo 3D Mobile Spoon

Overall, the HTC Evo 3D is very much a HTC Sensation with 3D capabilities. That is the only major difference, but it is quite a good difference. The Evo is certainly one of the most powerful phones out there and it has the capacity to cope with a number of tasks at once. It looks great, feels great and is, of course, 3D (just in case we didn’t mention that). This function may not be earth-shattering just yet, but it may well be the start of something rather special.


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