iOS. Windows Phone 7. Android. That's the order, in terms of users satisfaction that is…

No matter how successful Android is becoming, there is always that feeling that in terms of quality, usability, and sexiness it's still second best to the iPhone. The iPhone still remains the high-end phone, at least in the mindset of many of us, although specs-wise there are many superphones out there that are superior to it.


While the numbers are now in favor of Android, a new survey by ChangeWave shows that consumers have their sights set on the iPhone.

While 46% of consumers have their sights set on the iPhone, the second most sought after devices run on Google's Android OS, capturing a 32% buying preference market share. Third place goes to RIM but look at the difference: only 4% of buyers want a BlackBerry.

In terms of satisfaction, iPhone is once again leading with 70% of the iOS users saying that they are "very satisfied". Android users are less satisfied with only 50% of the users "very satisfied".

Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 may not sell well at the moment, but in terms of satisfaction it has the highest rate after iOS with 57% of the users "very satisfied" (comparing to 14% which used to be satisfied with Windows Mobile):

"But in an encouraging sign for Microsoft, we continue to see a big difference between the high Very Satisfied rating for Windows Phone 7 (57%) vs. the much lower rating for Windows Mobile OS (14%). Even so, the higher Windows Phone 7 rating has yet to produce a sustained momentum boost for Microsoft in term of buyer preferences."


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