The king is dead! Long live Samsung Galaxy S2


Samsung is becoming the king of mobile with some amazing sales numbers for the Galaxy S2.

In fact, it is about to pass Nokia in the number of units sold world-wide and become the world's leader in smartphones sales.

There are many reasons why Samsung is doing so well lately (nice article here), but I still remember times where smartphones were mostly considered to be HTC's strong side. It proves that Samsung's superior hardware and screen quality does attract more users than HTC's nicer software enhancements (Samsung suck in software).

No doubt, Android has done well for Samsung which is now leaving behind Motorola, LG, Sony Ericsson, and HTC…

The Galaxy S2 is the best selling model nowadays. Even in my office, I see more people using it than any other smartphone around me. Although the Google Android smartphone doesn’t have every possible cutting-edge feature, it comes close. The 4.3-inch screen resolution is only 800×480, for example (lower than the iPhone and newer Android devices), but compensates with Samsung’s Super AMOLED Plus technology for bright, vivid colors. Samsung’s new 1.2 GHz dual-core processor powers the phone, and early reviews say it’s one of the fastest smartphones available today. The 8-megapixel rear camera with auto-focus supports 1080p video recording. And some models include a near-field communication (NFC) chip, which could be used for mobile payments through Google Wallet.

A perfect phone? Almost. Trying it for a while I didn't like the keyboard that much (as usual), and found some of the UI (as usual) to be annoying (as usual). but that's usual…

Anyways, so Nokia is now history, after 15 years in which it was the undisputed king of mobile, Samsung is now taking over, but wait a minute, where is Apple?

galaxy vs iphone

As I wrote previously, Apple has already passed Nokia in terms of revenue, but here we are talking about units each company is shipping, and here Samsung seems to pass Apple for now.

Why for now? Because iPhone 4 is over one years old, and in terms of smartphones it's a lot. It's too much even. iPhone 4 had so many issues, antennagate and other stuff, and still it is giving a fight to the Android army and especially Samsung. Will be interesting to see what will happen when iOS5 will be released and soon followed by a new iPhone model.

Meanwhile, back to Samsung – the new king of mobile doesn't stop: rumors about a new Galaxy model came up recently with BGR showing some images of a Galaxy device with sliding keyboard, SAP's CIO has announced that SAP will be jumping on the new Samsung Galaxy Tab soon (although they recently purchased 5000 iPads…), and the future looks brighter than ever.

(There is just this issue with a small Apple suit that is still out there… but let's not ruin the party…)


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