Mobile Spoon predicts: By mid 2012, Android will lead tablets market

Android now eats iPad too

Just half a year ago iPad's domination in the tablets market was undisputable with over 80% of tablets market, but, as we've seen happening in the smartphones area – Android is once again taking over with an army of tablets running Android 2.3 or 3.X reaching 30% market share.

Tablets market July 2011

According to research firm Strategy Analytics discovers, June quarter tablet shipments topped 15.1 million units, a material increase over the 3.5 million units from the year-ago period. Apple seized the #1 slot with 9.25 million iPads the company reported for the June quarter, while Android tablets have gone from 2.9% market share in June 2010 (which is practically nothing) to 30.1% in June 2011, a surprising 27.2 % points increase based on sales of 4.55 million units.

In the year-ago quarter Apple enjoyed a 94 percent share, so iPad’s 33 percentage points drop is substantial no matter how you look at it.

If history indeed repeats itself we are expecting to see Android taking the lead around mid 2012 due to probably some OS updates and tens of new tablets running Android OS 3.x on multiple shapes and sizes, different brands, 4G, NFC support and other goodies only an army of devices manufacturers can build – all as opposed to having one brilliant iPad.

So let's write it down and review our prediction in around a year from now:

The Mobile Spoon Predicts: By Mid 2012, Android tablets sales will bypass the iPad's sales, turning Android to be the leading mobile OS for both smartphones and tablets.



Let's start the countdown…

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