Solution: Update Samsung Omnia 7 OS Using Zune

MobileSpoon Update Samsung Omnia Solution

Samsung devices are great besides one small problem: Samsung sucks as a software company.

While the hardware is great – every software related aspect causes issues: Android customizations are horrible, Windows Phone 7 apps are bad, and the worst part: every update to the operating system causes issues!

I've been dealing with the latest security update for a few days now and finally came up with the solution – so if you own a Samsung Omnia device – this may interest you:

How to fix the Samsung Omnia 7 problem when trying to Update to the latest WP7 build (7392):

If your Samsung Omnia 7 device fails to update (using Zune) to build 7392 (security patch) – here is a simple solution for the update problem:


When trying to run the latest Windows Phone 7 update – the phone gets stuck on step 6 trying to reboot itself. The phone screen shows the Samsung Omnia logo and nothing happens for quite a while.


Download the following tool by Samsung here and the full instructions here (pdf).

Samsung Omnia 7 fix 7392

Run the tool, connect your phone using the instructions in the PDF file and after 2-3 simple steps the fix is installed.

Connect your smartphone to Zune again and run the OS update – this time you will notice that step 6 is working fast and you will reach the next steps in no time.

Omnia Update

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Anonymous said…
Working now. Thanks a lot!
Interesting. I never knew that Samsung is bad with software. I'm wondering if this also applies with Samsung Galaxy SII because if it does then i think i'm better off buying iPhone 4S.