Windows is dead. Say hello to 'Unified Ecosystem'

Seems like the technology giants are heading towards a unified experience where all the systems are connected, integrated, look the same, and provide consistent capabilities and experience.

Google already talked about the directions Android is heading into becoming everywhere: cars, televisions, robots, computers (with ChromeOS) and more, now Microsoft is giving their reply with the presentation of a “single ecosystem” for PCs, phones, tablets, and even the TV.


According to the presentation, we are talking about few years from now (2015/2016), where Office, Live, Bing, Zune, Xbox, Skype and IE (plus the cloud of course) will all be available on any device you can possibly think of: mobile phones, tablets, desktops, eReaders, music player televisions, animals, Autobots, Decepticons, plants, kids, cars, tables, washing machines etc.

Would be interesting to see the functionality across different form factors, CPU's devices types etc.

One interesting slide shows the growing ecosystem of smartphones comparing to desktops and laptops. It's almost as if desktops are dying in front of us:

Microsoft ecosystem

According to this is my next, Microsoft is seriously considering ditching the “Windows” brand name in favor of something new when all this goes down. The idea is to rebrand this new super-OS with something that better fits with Redmond’s vision of the future. Obviously that could well change over the next few years as this plan takes shape — Steve Ballmer in particular has always been quite enamored with the Windows brand — but dropping the name is apparently at least on the table, and that’s a big step.

Does it mean we are about to see blue screens on our TV's?

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