Windows Phone 7 "Synergy": People's Hub Demonstrated


2 new videos by Microsoft reveal some nice synergetic features in the people's hub of Windows Phone 7 (Mango release).

Drilling down into the person's contact you get to see his recent history (of things he did with you of course: SMS, emails exchange, phone calls) plus a notification area where his recent actions (that relates to you) in different social networks are being summed up: for example writing in your facebook wall etc.




Cool. Microsoft is really taking Palm's "Synergy" idea(*) from webOS and is making it better and all over Mango. I like it, although I think that it's a bit too focused on social networks. Palm's original "synergy" approach combined contacts with meetings, search results from the web, and other goodies so that when you wake up, you see your agenda for the day, it doesn't include only meetings, but it also takes you into nice summaries of who you are meeting with, links from the web, recent activities in social networks etc. That concept was more business oriented and now Microsoft seems to focus mainly on the social side.

My next proposal would be to use location, time, and other parameters to make this "synergy" even better (and us users even lazier…)

Come on Microsoft, give us some more "synergy" love.

* Palm's webOS Synergy: webOS includes a feature called Synergy that integrates information from many sources. webOS allows a user to sign in to accounts on Gmail, Yahoo!, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Microsoft Outlook (via Exchange ActiveSync). Contacts from all sources are then integrated into a single list. Synergy was highly innovative, and was regarded by many as a highlight of the new operating system,[29] but received some criticism for being undiscerning in what it included in the contacts application. For example, Engadget commented that it had contacts that were simply Birthdays extracted from Facebook (Wikipedia).