12 Cool Facts About Google Plus [Google+]

Google plus

Here are some interesting facts about Google+ increasing numbers which I found in… well, Google.

  1. In just one month, Google+ has captured 25 million visitors, making it the fastest site to reach such numbers
  2. Growing at around 1 million users per day
  3. The signing ratio is so high it could make Google+ the number two social media network beating twitter and linkedIn.
  4. From July 16 onwards, Google+ has become the 638th most-visited site on the internet passing even the mobile spoon!!!
  5. Mark Zuckerberg's sedatives bills increased by 50% that time…
  6. Google+ is visited mostly by adults of age between 25-34. They account for 38.37% of all visits. The rest are kids who didn't lie about their age.
  7. 55% traffic comes from USA and 18% from India (that's over 70%!)
  8. 71% are Males and 21% Female Users
  9. 50% of the males are hoping to find females but unfortunately this is not possible mathematically speaking (see fact 6).
  10. 29% Google+ users are engineers by profession.
  11. 70% males, 30% engineers, seems like there won't be a lot of kinky activity going on around Google+, and if there will be – it will be mostly done by gay male developers (not that I have something against them: I'm a developer myself and some of my best friends are gay).

  12. Mark Zuckerberg is at the top of Google+ users list with over 400,000 followers (he is following 0 people… maybe that's because he is wasting his life in facebook all day…)

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