Why Android Phones Are Just Like Tamagotchi Toys…

Android Tamagotchi

In the company I work for, there is an ongoing debate about what's better: getting a cutting edge Android device like the Samsung Galaxy S2 with technical specs strong enough to run a city, or go with an iPhone.

Most of our IT guys are excited fans of the Galaxy S2 while people like me (which are more concerned about the user experience) prefer the iPhone.

It's not hard to find software developers, IT people, and technology fans that are in favor of Android, It's popular to think it's because of the openness and flexibility of the platform.

But then again, life is full of surprises…

Today I had a chat with Sasha, our chief architect and a well known software development guru. This guy knows practically everything there is to know about computers, operating systems, and technology in general. from photography to video and sound…  he is reading 1-2 books a day (!), participated in development contests, and has a reputation of solving crisis situations in minutes just by talking to the developers and finding the root cause of the problems.

This kind of profile will surely fit an Android addict you would assume, right?
Sasha recently switched from iPhone 4 to Samsung Galaxy S2, used it for a few months and had some interesting insights about it, I just had to share them with you:

Gil: "Sasha, what are you doing with your old BlackBerry again?"

Sasha: "Don't ask, my Galaxy seems to malfunction, I need to fix it"

Gil: "And your iPhone?"

Sasha: "My wife got it… "

Gil: "Wow, that is sad… "

Sasha: "But I have to be honest with you, I think I'm going to switch back once iPhone 5 is released…"

Gil: "Really!? You of all people? I thought you will love the Galaxy S2"

Sasha: "I bought a device which is 10 times better than the iPhone, but guess what? I can do the exact same things, and in some cases less things, without enjoying it!
There are too many worthless apps, it's hard to find good ones, personalizing everything is time consuming, I spent hours downloading widgets, themes, shell replacements, and eventually nothing looks as elegant as the iPhone!"

Gil: "I agree! I've been saying that for a while now, but you used to enjoy messing around with all those possibilities back in the good old Windows Mobile days, didn't you?"

Sasha: "Sure I did, when I had the time for it!
Now I just want things to work! This is why I got a smartphone – so it can help me do stuff easily and faster than before, right?

The phone needs to help me.
With the Galaxy S2 I spent more time searching for solutions than actually enjoying them!

…It's like having a Tamagotchi!
Every day something happens with it which requires your attention: open the Wi-Fi, close the Wi-Fi, battery drains too fast? Kill some background processes, issues with new apps, stability bugs – it's almost like a pet you need to take care of… I'm too busy for this…

…I wasted an hour a day trying and searching new apps that usually didn't work quite as good as similar iPhone apps. This is wasted time that I could have invested reading books, watching movies or have some quality time with my wife!"

Gil: "ha ha… I love it: Tamagotchi…I'm surprised to hear all of this coming from you… so how do you explain the fact that so many of our friends and colleagues are addicted to their Android phone?"

Sasha: "It's simple, they have the time and energy to play with it. I'm too busy for this now. I've been there few years ago, but now that I'm used to the iPhone or iPad, I just want my gadgets to work:

  • You install an iPhone app – you know it will work.
  • You install an Android app – you cannot really guarantee there will be no problems or side effects
  • With iPhone, if the battery lasts for a day and a half, then it lasts a day and a half. No surprises there.
  • With iPad, you know the battery will work exactly 10 hours, no matter if you watch movies, listen to music, or do some work.
  • If an iPad gets a bit worm – you know exactly how much, it's not because of an app killing the CPU or draining the battery without your permission.

…Android is just like Tamagotchi, you need to take care of it, you spend time, effort, and then you feel like throwing it away… "

Gil: "Nicely put, do you mind if I quote you in my blog?"

Sasha: "Not at all! I'm even willing to sign it if you want…"


Bjorn Larsen said…
Well said.

See also: Windows.