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Aug 12, 2011

Another iPhone 5 design which is probably not even close to the original

Google is overloaded with speculations and rumors about the most anticipated gadget in the world: iPhone5. Apple fanboys can't wait standing in lines in the Apple stores when iPhone 5 is out, Android freaks are skeptical but worried, Microsoft fans want to see if there is still a chance for WP7 to do something in the day after iPhone 5 is revealed…

Here's another conceptual design of iPhone 5. Enjoy:

More iPhone 5 DesignsHow will iPhone 5 look like


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netshet said...

the hopes regarding the iphone 5 are quite high and its features also seem to be awesome

Nasul said...

It would be interesting if it has a iluminated logo like the other products.

Paul Frank Bags said...

It looks thinner and sleek. What I'm most interested is the features. How it would be different from iPhone4.

Chicago Home Improvement said...

I haven't even updated to iPhone4 yet and iPhone5 is about to be released? Lol My phone will only look so obsolete.

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