Beautiful enhanced Metro UI design for Windows Phone 7 [Concept]

I accidently ran across a beautiful concept of a Metro UI. The below is an UI design enhancing the Metro UI by Microsoft's Windows Phone 7.

In general, the designer kept the simplicity but added more details and additional "small" things that seem like cool additions:

  • Background image
  • Frame inside each tile to make it easier to customize (this one I like less)
  • configurable height for each tile
  • More visual indications in each tile

In the applications list, there are also a few nice additions:

  • Collapsible groups
  • When a group is collapse, you get to see what's inside

Come on Microsoft. Those designs are amazing. Hire the guy.

Click each image to expand it and learn more about this beautiful work:

Nokia WP7 Metro UIMetro UI Windows Phone 7

What do you think? Is that a good path to take the WP7 Metro UI in? Or will it make it too layered and unsimplified?



Anonymous said…
very nice !
trump hollywood said…
It seems really cool. Time will tell really how good these things are. It has got to be totally different from what we all get used to, and that is probably the iPhone.

jim crusan said…
Nice but.....What's up with all that wasted space on the side and top? Get rid of the little arrows and use the empty screen real estate. I like like the UI, even have it on my androids, but not as a daily user. Use that big screen !