Chaos theory, HP's version: TouchPad is sold out, White TouchPad is now available, could it all be a scheme?

HP TouchPad Effect

What a weekend! HP just started with the TouchPad clearance (selling TouchPads in only $99) and chaos is everywhere!

Sold Out. No Android support, yet…

People are trying desperately to get a hold of the gadget that will soon be no more.

  • Many of them are counting on the Android friends to port Android OS to TouchPad and therefore get an Android tablet for just $99. (there is no formal Android port yet)
  • Others are certain there is still future to webOS and they want to get a cool gadget for just $99.
  • The rest of them are probably collector, believing that the damn thing will worth something in 20 years from now…

HP already announced that it is currently out of stock for TouchPads, and the same goes for many shops as was reported here: a list of all the stores that ran out of TouchPads… 

HP TouchPad Rush

If that is not enough, HP just launched a white version of the TouchPad. Talk about a bad timing! (Or seriously bad management…)

I wonder if this is all part of a brilliant master plan HP is trying to execute, create a buzz, make people rob and pillage for the TouchPad and create the marketing impact that was missing so much.

Naaaa, it couldn't be… HP is just screwing things up again… people there can't be so smart…

TouchPad is sold out

Flash, multi-tasking, slick design:

Following people's comments and tweets, it seems like people "suddenly" realize how great TouchPad can be: it has multi-tasking (probably the best mobile multi-tasking so far), it can run Flash, and it has some great specs.

Or maybe it was all a matter of cost? Can it be that the only way to beat Apple these days is to cut down the prices until people cannot resist buying a new toy?

Well, it will probably won't help for HP. They will not be developing webOS tablets in the near future (unless… unless it's all part of that scheme of theirs…), but maybe others can learn form this little experiment and plan a similar move…