The Droid Library – Books Database for Android

There's an aggressive marketing campaign these days promoting a new site called  The Droid Library .

The idea of the website is to enable Android users to download unlimited eBooks, Comic Books, Newspapers, and Magazines straight to their Android device, for free once they register to the site (registration costs $60 which is a one time payment).

The Droid Library provides users with an enormous database, filled with over 1 million titles. Users can choose from millions of eBooks, in a wide range of genres - including bestsellers, classics, mystery, thriller, crime, romance, fantasy and children's books. All available for Google Android powered smartphones and tablets.

The Droid Library allows members to download thousands of popular comic titles, including popular titles such as Spider-man, Superman, Buffy The Vampire Slayer Batman, X-Men, and many more. Users can also select from thousands of anime and manga titles and download them straight to their Android device. New, weekly releases from Marvel, DC, Image and Dark Horse are always being added to the member's area, so you can be sure you'll find something you like.

Cool. I don't do much books reading but reading comic books in tablets is a lot of fun: you don't need to worry about the pages and you get to zoom in and out quite easily to enjoy the art work much better than when using pages…

Android users, head over to The Droid Library and check out if this service can fit your needs…

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