How Google can help you get hired by Microsoft?

Cool story ahead: Brandon Foy, a creative guy who loves his Windows Phone 7, created a short video promoting WP7. (video below).

Microsoft did not ignore him, and presented this video in different events. Now, the company decided to hire him as a User Experience Designer, part of the Windows team – how cool is that?

Here's his first tweet as a Microsoft employee:


Way to go Microsoft, way to go Brandon, (way to go Google for a great YouTube exposure?).

Now check this one out Microsoft: the beautiful images below? That's mine. Yep, did it all by myself. The work of my 2 bare hands – one holding a mouse, the other (occasionally) clicking the keyboard. but there's a brain behind them. A thinking person. Someone who understands the human mind… (is it working? did I get some attention?) That's right MS: that awesome piece of art? All me. Gil Bouhnick, this is the name. My own Photoshop work, right there… You can find me in Twitter too you know: @MobileSpoon. Or by email if you prefer – I'm flexible (although busy… I'm a very very busy guy…). That's right… and believe me there's more from where it came from…

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Anonymous said…
Oh man, u really made me lol this time!

MS guys: this dude knows how to keep people ask for more, just take him!
That;s pretty insane. I love stories like that. especially when they are true. Takes a lot of talent to do that though.