How's the name Moogle for the new Google/Motorola company?

There's a funny survey in AllThingsDigital searching for the funniest name for the Google/Motorola deal.

I wrote earlier about the pros & cons of the Google/Motorola acquisition, and while I understand that such a deal will change the entire mobile world, it doesn't change the most important fact here and that's the urgent need to find a cool name to this move!

Googorola or Moogle

So currently the leading names are  Motogoogle and Googorola, but I think there's a better one which is not in that list: Moogle.


Short, catchy, easy to pronounce, make you sound stupid when you say it, attractive.

Head over to AllThingsDigital and vote for your favorite nickname


iblesq said…
Moogle - bingo!

Moogles are intelligent and industrious, though in some games they are wary of human contact. Because of their size, the lot of playable moogle characters specialize in gadgetry, tinkering, and engineering. Even in games where Moogles do not mind humans, they are known to maintain their own separate societies. Moogles are capable of communicating across long distances, a feat often attributed to the moogle mail service, Mognet (Gmail).