How to find iPhone apps that went free

It is getting harder and harder to find apps in the AppStore.

With over 400,000 apps, there are just plenty of great apps no one knows about, gifted developers that were told they could make a fortune if they just build this one tiny app everyone needs – but no one ever heard about it…  So many of those developers are giving their apps for free, hoping that it will make a different.

How to track down apps that go on a "sale" in AppStore?

So now there are plenty of apps with prizes that were dropped from few bucks to being totally free – and apps that are monitoring, and showing those apps in a nice sorted list.

One of those apps is called "Free Apps" (surprise surprise) and it allows fining apps that just went free.

Free Apps - The Mobile Spoon

So if you don't like paying for apps and then discover they are not exactly what you were looking for, or if you are just a cheapskate (not that I care, it's your life of course…) – "Free Apps" might just be one you have looked for.

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