How to synchronize Outlook Tasks with Windows Phone 7?

Tasks At Last - Exchange Tasks Client for WP7

Looking for a way to synchronize your Outlook Tasks with your Windows Phone 7 device? Came to the right place!

Tasks At Last - is productivity app for tasks management that synchronizes with Exchange 2007 or 2010 therefore presenting your Outlook Tasks on your WP7 smartphone.

At last!


Kick ass!

I love it. I don't know why all the mobile operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) do not give this functionality OOTB? Notes and Tasks are the most popular productivity apps in all of the AppStores and yet they are always missing from the OOTB apps.

Back to Tasks At Last -  this app is fairly simple, yet operates nicely, It doesn't have an amazing user interface, but if you are using tasks a lot, you know that this is not the main issue with tasks – the most important part is the synchronization that needs to work very well, the speed, and how quickly you can add a new task when you are on the move. In all of those areas – Tasks At Last is doing a great job.

Tasks at last  Tasks At Last - Productivity App For Windows Phone 7

Tasks At Last - Exchange task client for Windows Phone 7

Tasks At Last can be found in Windows Phone 7 MarketPlace. It costs $3.99 and the trial lasts a couple of days.

And no, don't thank me. I just accidently found it, thank Supernaut Software LLC for thinking of such an obvious feature every Exchange user needs…

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mrbill said…
Yes...but we need a method to sync to our Outlook desktop at HOME...not exchange. And we want full sync, not just task....anything out there
Anonymous said…
Try Magic Tasks. This syncs tasks directly to outlook on your pc at exchange needed.
Anonymous said…
Check out Notelook for Windows Phone. This is a great new app for reading and editing Exchange Notes on your Windows Phone. It is fast and secure, and available for WP8 and WP7. Hope you like it!