HP: "Sorry, Palm. We made a mistake..."

You know how it is when you buy a shirt that seems like the perfect pick, and then you come home and realize you will most likely never wear it?
That's annoying.

Or, say, when you purchase a Television, after a serious market research, just to find that the model you bought is not compatible with the latest technologies that are just becoming popular a minute after you signed the check...
Now that is annoying!

Or, let's say you are HP, and few months after you purchased a great company named Palm and brutally killed it's brand, released an iPad competitor (TouchPad) and some new models of Pre, only then you realize the products suck, no one wants them, and you, as a company (remember you are acting HP now), really prefer to enter the Enterprise and become IBM rather than competing with Apple and lose...

Damn that's annoying too!

Mobile world Is getting wilder than before with acquisitions, patents battles and now with some dramatic announcements, this time by HP.
Just a day after I wrote about the poor sales numbers of the TouchPad, comparing to the iPad, and HP seems to realize the television it purchased is not going to make it too happy and decides to throw it away...
BTW, the announcement talks about the hardware not the software. WebOS continues to live, but without any hardware it will soon die too...

Annoying... Especially of you are a Palm developer...

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halperinko said…
Hoping that Handspring core will get into Google...
These guys were innovative in both HW and SW - kind a like the opposite of what Motorola phones represent.
I am sure they can make Android a fun experience, just like the Palm Treo series, which was based on their designs.

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