iPad clones are everywhere, yet most of them fail to compete with the source

Just a few years ago, tablets were weird creatures in the computers arena. Half laptop, half PDA, most of us didn't even consider purchasing them.

Since the release of the iPad – the (third) revolution (coming from Apple after the iPod and iPhone) has started.

iPad is a successful product and seems to be reshaping the pages of history, and everyone wants to take part of this party copying the look & feel of the iPad: 


iPad is everywhere

However, just like it was when iPhone was just released – most of the iPad competitors are having hard times right now:

HP's TouchPad sales are considered to be "way beyond disappointing"; Apparently, Best Buy has sold only around 25,000 of HP’s new tablet and they’re “unwilling to pay for the more than 240,000 unsold units”. In fact, less than 10% of TouchPads shipped to the retailer have been sold.

Another competitor which is currently struggling is the Motorola Xoom (or should I say: Moogle Xoom?) It was designed to be a serious contender in the tablet arena carrying the first Honeycomb version of Android, it supports Flash, and it was thought to be a potential serious rival for the iPad.

Well, I guess not… Motorola started shipping 440,000 tablets in the most recent quarter, far lower than the 9.41 million iPads Apple sold in its most recent quarter.

So things look pretty bad for the world's tablets right now (at least for the ones hwhich are not called iPad), but I still hold my prediction that by 2012 Android will lead the tablets market.

Let's wait and see, won't we?

(source of images and idea: iPad Insight)


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