Is that iPhone 5 in your pocket? Nope, that's not iPhone 5, and that's not my pocket.

Apple's iPhone is such an icon, everyone are now waiting to see how will iPhone 5 look like.

I believe iPhone 5 will be freaking amazing (after all – it is being delayed to allow Apple's engineers to really make something different this time – right?), but there are no guarantees. iPhone 4 design was horrible in my opinion (not to mention the antennagate known story…) and iPhone 5 might look too similar to the fourth version…

Here are 3 mockups done by different people:

The first one presents an art work by a designer called: designedbyITEM. It looks amazing. I sure hope the original product will look similar to that design:



Regardless to how close it would be to the original design – you have to admit this is just a great piece of work!

The next one was made by the same designer, but seems to look like a "chip" version of the iPhone. There are rumors about 2 devices which will be released in September. Who knows, maybe a simpler iPhone will be released then?


The third mockup was made by someone who claims this is the real thing, leaked from Apple's websites (watch video below).

Personally I believe it's a fraud: the design looks too ugly, the iPhone font on the back seems like it's fake and in general the entire thing looks like it's fake.

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