Looking for an Android port for HP TouchPad? Join the club

Yesterday I wrote about the TouchPad rush and why so many people are trying to put their hands on HP's discontinued, already legendary, TouchPad.

HP TouchPad Rush

One of the reasons (according to my speculations), was that people assume that an Android port will soon be ready. Given that it will run good enough, they will end up having an Android tablet in a funny cost of $99. Worth the risk, isn't it?

Well, seems like my speculations were correct. My blog post was swamped with readers that were looking for the term "HP TouchPad Android Port" which was included in it. Funny how Google engine is working…

Anyway, since I don't like my readers to be disappointed, I decided to look for an Android port for HP TouchPad.

TouchPad is sold out

Here are some links that may help you if you are looking for it (there no port yet, but those links are going to be full with internal links to the real thing pretty soon, as the work on the Android port has already begun):

TouchDroid – Android Port For HP TouchPad

XDA – Android running on TouchPad

XDA – How to install Android on HP TouchPad?

HP TouchPad Effect

Based on latest Twitter activities, there is currently no way to replace webOS on the HP TouchPad. But there will be soon. Several teams of developers has already announced plans to port Google Android to the HP Tablet. One of the developers interested in the project is one of the folks responsible for bringing the popular CyanogenMod (which I previously explained about in here (What is CyanogenMod and why should you care?) to the Barnes & Noble NOOK Color. And hackers are already playing around with early versions of Ubuntu Linux on the tablet  (What the hell is Ubuntu?)

Oh, and speaking of "TouchPad Rush" and BTW, I just found that US Best Buy is about to start selling HP TouchPad for $100 this week – so for all the people who are looking for it – go stand in lines!

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