Mobile Rumble: Let's get ready to rumbleeeeee!!!


When I was a kid I used to watch WWE (when it was called WWF), and my favorite event was the Royale Rumble where everyone are placed in the ring and start fighting each other.

Well, back then we were na├»ve enough to think some of it is real…
Today, there's a real rumble going on in the mobile world with the patents lawsuits series.
It's the mobile rumble and you won't see fake movements over there.

Designer Mike Bostock visualized the mobile patent lawsuits, in a fun interactive map, here's a screenshot (click the link to see it live). It covers nicely all the current lawsuits that we currently know of. Enjoy!

All Mobile Patents Suits - Visual Map

(Dashed links are resolved suits; green links are licensing)

See all the mobile patents suits live in here

Still not impressed?

What a terrific audience, because here's another one!

All Mobile Patents Suits and War


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And speaking of WWE…

And speaking of wrestling – did you know that the term "WWE" is one of the top 3 search terms according to Yahoo!? (well, it least it was like that 2 years ago…)

And while we are talking about wrestling, (OK, maybe it's just me that is talking about wrestling at the moment… sorry), did you know that being a celebrity as I am, I personally met with the legendary Undertaker?

Seriously: he really wanted to have a picture with me, and I accepted… I usually try not to turn down fans requests… I try to play along… you know… be as honest as I can…

Here's the undertaker as you probably know him:


Here's the undertaker a little bit upset:


And here's me standing next to the undertaker:

  • Yes, I know I look like an excited kid… it's not every day you get to stand next to one of your childhood heroes…
  • Yes, he doesn't seem happy… we still need to work on that part in our relationship…

UndertakerAnd Me