Motorola KORE is just an iPod Nano clone like iRing, iWatch, and iSpeak

Ha ha…

While we are all talking about the patents war in mobility and the Mooglerola deal, here comes another item that once again will make some noise: Motorola KORE - a fitness monitoring device that looks an awful lot like the iPod Nano.


It will most likely play music while measuring movements, physical activity and energy, plus managing your sports activities and current location.

Looks good this little iPo… brrr.. sorry, KORE is going to become a useful gadget. If you don't own an iPod Nano yet, that is… 

I think I can begin preparing my next post about: Hey Moto, haven't you noticed that now is not a good time to release a clone?

iPod Nano Original

(and we thought Samsung was the only one stealing designs as they are)

iRing, iWatch, iNeck, iBelt:

I would personally stick with my own invented models (also copied from iPod Nano of course) called the iRing, iWatch, and iNeck Nano – 3 amazing models running a minimized iOS version on tiny portable devices.






Read more about those iPod style accessories in here:

Coming soon: iWatch, iSpeak, iRing and more!