OmniOutliner – the best productivity app for iPad

Few months ago I wrote about a unique productivity app for the iPad called OmniOutliner. Few months went by and after using it daily I am now certain: OmniOutliner is my all-time-favorite app for iPad!

Forget about Notes, Pages, Todo lists, Things, EverNote, QuickOffice or anything else.

For an all-in-one productivity tool, which is more similar to a page where you can write anything from free text to bullets, tables, and almost Excel sheets – OmniOutliner is an innovative and extremely convenient app.

OmniOutliner for iPadOmniOutliner for iPad2OmniOutliner for iPad 2

If what you need is a simple way to manage your ongoing tasks list, wrapped inside an inline editing style table, simple to work with just like working with textual bullets and still powerful like the kind of Excel files you would typically make in your desktop – OmniOutliner is your kind of app.

If what you need is a simple way to summarize your meetings in bullets with statuses, comments, action items, and other structured data – OmniOutliner is your kind of app.

If you need a simple way to manage and store ideas, with an hierarchy of topics and their relevant items – OmniaOutliner is your kind of app.

If you need a simple way to create best looking tables and save them as html for future distribution – you can even do that with OmniOutliner. (not that common, I know, but it saved me at least twice when I needed such kind of solution).

OmniOutliner starts as a blank page. But as you collect, compose, and rearrange text, its powerful outlining features emerge to organize your ideas. Hierarchy, columns, styling, notes — use them all in concert or keep things simple, depending the project at hand. From basic lists and tables to serious writing and data wrangling, OmniOutliner understands how to keep your work structured and tidy.

And no, I don't work for Omni Group. I didn't get anything for this recommendation. I purchased my app just like anybody else. I just love how it does exactly the kind of things I need on a daily basis. And it does it well!

Read more about OmniOutliner in my previous post (including a great demo video that will make you fall in love with this great app) in here: Mobile Spoon Recommends: OmniOutliner for iPad.


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OmniOutliner is no doubt the best app introduced in ipads
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More apps like this one could be helpfull.
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I love it. Thanks