Samsung! Why did you change Android's original icons with the iPhone ones?

All of those talking about patents war between Apple and Google, Microsoft and HTC, Apple and Samsung, made me think a little bit about the topic.

True. Blocking the entire tablets industry claiming that every tablet that is released nowadays is an iPad clone is a bit drastic and may harm competition (which eventually will harm the consumers) – but hey: Apple does have a point.

All the mobile players are copying Apple's innovative work done with the first iPhone and we, as consumers, have stopped noticing as this is happening for the past 3 years already.

To all of us, having finger gestures, pinch to zoom, rotating screens, hidden scrollbars, finger friendly drop down lists, virtual keyboards that actually work, lock-screens, and other basic capabilities that were not here just few years ago – is all given these days.

We forgot most of today's standards were invented (or at least: first introduced) by Apple!

Now, I'm not an Apple fanboy (although I admire the company's superior technology and innovation), and I love Samsung's products: I'm using Samsung Omnia 7 as my favorite phone these days, I've owned many Samsung products in the past, and writing these lines looking at a Samsung LED monitor, but even I have my red lines; Samsung Galaxy Ace (and not Galaxy S like in the picture below) was designed as an iPhone clone: the hardware, the size, the cover, the software – all iPhone style.

I have 2 simple questions for Samsung:

  1. Why did you release a phone that looks exactly like iPhone?
  2. Why did you insist on customizing Android's perfectly fine icons and replace them with icons that not only look similar to the iPhone style, but also copy the metaphoric images (sunflower, green phone and angle, colors, contacts book, media)?

iPhone vs Samsung Ace  

The answer to those questions is: you didn't have to! You just made a mean decision and you should pay the price. 

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Digging into it some more, I've managed to find additional pictures under the topic "Samsung copying technology" where more examples of poor copying are presented in images, and to be honest – do not make me feel well about it.


Samsung is a powerful company with great products. To me, this entire copying stuff is just pathetic and unnecessary.

Suddenly Apple's tablets attach in Europe doesn't look so ridiculous isn't it?

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Holiday Parks said…
To be honest, I don't patronize "copy-cats". I am not a phone fanatic who changes phone whenever a new model comes out. I do admire iphone and wish I have one. But my SE mini pro is perfect for me as of the moment. It is small, fits in my pocket, I can text, call, check emails and social media sites. I now got turned off with Samsung. They don't have to copy the iPhone to compete with it.
Anonymous said…
I don't get it. This is a case of close but no cigar. Sure the icons look similar. Funny, Apple's OSX icons look similar to Microsoft's 3.1. Some things are just natural. That green phone icon, i can remember my first phone waaaaay back in 1995 had a green phone button.

I'm sure you are the same person who walks into a cheap art store and doesn't have as much outrage for the Van Gogh look-a-likes!

Please, stop being a douche and start thinking critically! Reading your post just made me dumber!
Anonymous said…
i agree.. this is written by a douche
Anonymous said…
Samsung are copying everything that is great.
But they are doing it with quality.
Anonymous said…
What do you expect? All asians have awful taste. Either they copy or they make rubbish designs for everything. I hate Apple badly, I hate their gay design, but asian stuff is just cheap, ugly and disgusting. Very few products from Asia are ok. Cheap people with ugly taste vs. the most gay and pretentious company in the world which is Apple.
Anonymous said…
What brand are you getting then?
If Apple is gay and Samsung is crap?