Siege Hero – a free Angry Birds imitation with a twist (iPhone)

Siege Hero is nice iPhone game that took the idea of copying Angry Birds to the next level. It's actually a good game, and even though everything seems like a replication of Angry Birds – the game actually stands on its' own.

Siege Hero iPhone Game The Mobile Spoon

The goal of Siege Hero is familiar: knock down weird structures in order to kill creatures that are placed inside of them. Except that instead of throwing away birds, you need to throw stones, and aiming the stones is much more accurate than with Angry Birds – you just need to point on the spot you want to hit.

Big deal…

Actually, while playing with this game a little bit, I've noticed a few things worth mentioning:

  • Adding the accuracy parameter turns the game into a thinking game more than using trial and error – you plan how to collapse the structure instead of trying
  • The game is actually a lot of fun! Maybe there is room for another Angry Birds game in this world?
  • The music of this game is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G (too bad the sounds aren't)
  • Seems like the game creators wanted it to look exactly like Angry Birds. Everything looks exactly the same: the menus, levels screens, everything! As if it was made on purpose to make people notice it. You know what they say: any publicity is goo publicity…

So, as Siege Hero is now offered completely FREE for a short period of time – I decided to recommend it, here at the mobile spoon.

Here's how it looks like (comparing to the original Angry Birds game):

Opening screen:

IMG_2518 IMG_2516

Levels Screen:

IMG_2519 IMG_2517

Story Opening Scene:

IMG_2511 IMG_2520

See how similar it is? I'm telling you - this is not a simple clone, this is a message to the world!

But wait, there is more:


IMG_2507 IMG_2508IMG_2509 IMG_2512

Continue to next level:

IMG_2515 IMG_2506

So, I guess you are asking yourself how come the mobile spoon is letting this horrible replication get away with it?

I'm not, I hate it  when copied like that are created, but as this game is now for free I think it's better to download it now, than pay actual money for it… As I said – the game is great and can be a lot of fun.

Siege Hero can be downloaded for free from the AppStore. There are 2 versions for iPad as well: one free and one paid.