Starbucks new logo is just like the old logo… but without the logo

Starbucks is the best place to get horrible coffee, which is always way too big, way too hot, way too foamy, and way off target. The company's logo was recently changed and the UXEvangelist blog wrote about the fact that the new logo misses one of the most important parts of the last logo: the word on the top…

Starbucks logo changes

While there is clearly a trend in the logos history to make the mermaid character bigger and bigger – I do agree that dropping the brand text is a bad idea… Heck, I never noticed the mermaid was part of the logo to begin with!

Just had to share it with you… sorry… getting back to mobility in a minute..


Hi Gil,

I agree, without the text, I can't recognize it easily as starbucks' logo. I didn't actually noticed they changed it this The 1992 logo is the best one for me.