What's going on in mobility? (numbers, numbers, numbers)

Mobile Devices Sales by the numbers – based on Gartner's latest report (Q2 results, 2011)

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Loosing market share, humiliated, beat-up, Nokia continues to lead the mobile device market share.

According to quarterly figures from Gartner, Nokia still remains on top of the pile in mobile device market, despite all the profit warnings, drastic strategic shifts, and massive strides being made by the likes of Google.

Gartner Q2 2011 Mobile Market Devices

Apple, ZTE, Huawei, and HTC managed to increase market share while all the others seem to be stuck or go down a little bit.

But the real story is in the second table below comparing operating systems:

  • Android managed to make an unbelievable jump from 17.2% to 43.4% while Symbian had a drastic fall from 40.9% to 22.1%.
  • RIM's BlackBerry percentages continue to decrease although total numbers show that sales are stable (even went high a little bit).
  • Samsung's Bada somehow manages to gain some strength; I know that the numbers are very low, but I'm mentioning it because it managed to get into this report while HP/Palm's webOS didn't and because it now holds a bigger market share than… Microsoft
  • Microsoft fans are struggling to find positive signs about the Windows Phone 7 platform: Nokia, developers numbers, Mango... but the reality is that consumers are not buying Windows Phone 7 devices. (well, I actually did, but I'm a known sucker…)

Gartner Q2 2011 Mobile Market


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