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May 7, 2012

What is WRAN and can it save humanity from cellular radiation?

WRAN Super Wifi

The Mobile Spoon - Mobile technologies for the common people, and today I want to talk about WRAN (Wireless Regional Area Network).

WRAN, sometimes referred to as Super-Wi-Fi, is a Wi-Fi network on steroids. It uses the white spaces in television frequency spectrum such as VHF and UHF to facilitate broadband access. The point of a WRAN is to provide Internet access to evolving areas, or sparsely populated areas that did not previously have coverage.

IEEE recently published the new 802.22 standard for WRAN, which is said to be able to provide 22 Mbps without interfering with television broadcast stations, in a crazy range of 100-kilometer (62-mile) range. Wow!

Why am I writing about it? Because such kind of network could potentially change the way Wi-Fi networks are implemented and maintained: inside malls, desolated areas, etc.

But more importantly, it's an impressive step towards making the entire plant "WiFi-enabled" and reduce the amount or cellular radiation we are all suffering from…

Read more about WRAN

IEEE 802.22


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