What will transparent battery do to our mobile experience? [smartphones, tablets]

Transparency is a cool feature in user interface design. Unfortunately it only exists in software and not in hardware. There were a few designs running around the internet presenting conceptual phones with a transparent cover.

Here are some transparent phones designs I found in google.

This one is a transparent iPhone design:

Transparent iPhone

That one shows how information can be presented as transparent widgets:


(More transparent phones in here)

This one is a transparent tablet, targeted for camera based search (showing search results as you watch the world through the transparent device:

future_search4-2_petitinvention other_purposes-1

other_purposes-2 future_search4-1_petitinvention

(More transparent tablets in here)

Those design concepts are absolutely stunning, don't you think?

The problem with those designs is that the only transparency possible would be the cover, and you would see the internals of the hardware, and the battery…

With such great looking designs, I don't want to see the battery! It's disgusting!


Unless there's a transparent battery out there?

According to smartplanet, there is. This transparent battery was developed in Stanford University, could lead the way to having some transparent phones – that would definitely be awesome!

transparent battery

Until then, I will settle with a transparent toaster that will help me know when my toast is perfectly ready….

Transparent Toaster