5 Things I Don't Want To See In iPhone 5

iPhone 4 and a dog

The latest rumors about the lost iPhone 5 (second time!) and the found iPhone 5 case (images below, full link here, but don't believe any rumor out there), made me think about the things that I actually didn't like about the iPhone 4, and unlike previous iPhones which were (to me at least) master pieces – iPhone 4 did have a bit of a problematic design.

Things I wouldn't want to see in iPhone 5:

Here are things that bothered me when I used iPhone 4 and that I would really hate to see in the upcoming iPhone 5:

  1. I don't want to see that ugly antenna steel wrapping my phone.
    • I hated the antenna design from the first minute I saw it.
    • Then came the Antennagate, proving that this design is nothing but a huge flaw.
    • Don't want to see it.
    • Don't want my hand to transport increased radiation.
    • Don't want to be forced to wrap my phone with a stupid bumper.
  2. I don't want my iPhone to have a flat back plate
    • It makes it impossible to spin it around on a table (yep, we all do that)
    • It makes it really hard to grab it. Seriously.
    • Try this: remove the ugly bumper, place your iPhone on the table, try to grab it quickly: it's not that easy isn't it? Now try the same think with another phone that has rounded edges and see how easier it will be.
    • The back cover should be rounded.
  3. Don't make it so small
    • Apple re-invented the smartphones with the first iPhone, but it doesn't mean they are always right.
    • Things have changed, people want their smartphones to be bigger. In order to remain competitive, Apple must make a bigger iPhone.
    • Researches have shown that the ideal screen size for a smartphone is 4 inch. That should be the size of the screen in iPhone 5.
  4. But don't make it too big either
    • Yep, this is what tablets are for.
    • More than 4 inch is too much, especially if we want our thumb to easily reach that 'Back' button on the top left corner...
  5. Don't make it too thin.
    • Have you tried holding the Samsung Galaxy S2?
    • It's incredibly thin, which seems like an advantage, but when a phone that big is getting so thin, it simply doesn't fit the hand anymore, grabbing it feels uncomfortable and you wish you had something thicker to grab (as bad as it may sound…)

So that's my non-wish list. If you have been monitoring the recent rumors and speculations about iPhone 5 design, you are probably familiar with the below:

iPhone 5 Rumored yellow Case Shows a much bigger phone size, rounded edges and a very thin design:

Qui confrontiamo due custodie, quella a sinistra veste un iun iPhone 3GS per dimostrare la crescita del possibile nuovo modello. Con il gioco delle trasparenze scopriamo le maggiori dimensioni del futuro iPhone.

Questo e' un confronto di spessori e di curve con un iPod touch di seconda generazione Le classiche 3 aperture sul fondo insieme al foro per lo slider della suoneriarivelano che questa e' proprio una custodia per iPhone e non per iPod touch

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