Amazon Announces Release of Kindle Fire Tablet


The iPad has had a large part of the Tablet market ever since it debuted a few years ago. Ever since then, many computer and software companies have been trying to play catch-up in order to capture a larger part of the tablet industry. Everyone seems to either be planning, or are already throwing their head into the ring. Amazon seems to be doing the same right now.  For years, Amazon has been providing products and services to its customers, and it hopes to become a tablet competitor with its new Kindle Fire tablet device.

It was officially announced on Wednesday by Amazon, that it was planning to release the Kindle Fire in order to get a larger portion of the e-reader market. It hopes to do what countless tech companies have failed to do. They want to bring a tablet device to the market at a reasonable price while providing features that are comparable to Apple's hugely successful iPad.

The Kindle fire comes in at 7 inches, which is three inches smaller than the iPad. It can be held in one hand and connects to the Internet via WIFI. It weighs in at just 14.6 ounces and has a color touchscreen. The device will be able to support video games, videos, movies, and internet browsing. It's hoped that through the use of Amazon's streaming cloud services, that it will be able to load pages and perform functions more quickly. It will also be able to sync with other devices wirelessly and will possibly have a shot at competing with the iPad.


The Fire also uses a dual-core processor and will be running on the latest version of the Google Android software. According to the first hands-on reviews it’s working extremely fast and the user interface is well designed. It will be very app friendly and Amazon hopes to remain focused on providing its own cloud services, software, and products to its new device. It's not sure at this time whether or not Amazon has adequate Technical Support infrastructure set in place that other tech companies do.

The tablet is likely to do well given that it's already much cheaper that most options already on the market. It's priced at $199 and it's hoped that the features and low cost will make it the go-to tablet for those wanting to buy into e-readers. This is a bold move by Amazon, but it's not unheard of. Other companies like Google are also vying for more of the market, but there's a lot of competition out there as the market is becoming more technologically driven.

If Amazon will succeed, it may split the tablets market into 2 main sections: the iPad as the high end tablet and the Kindle Fire as the cheap one. All the others will have to rethink their strategy.

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Metformin said…
Amazon amazing tab and its cost effective too
This could be a real competitor to the iPad, as far as a reading device. However, a lot of people mind find this a little incomplete as far as general computing goes. All in all, this device looks nice and much affordable. It's a great alternative.