Android is flying higher than iOS (will be used for in-flight entertainment)

Android In Airplanes

2 months ago I was on a 12 hours flight when the entertainment system broke down.

12 hours. You've got that right. 12 hours without entertainment… Luckily I had my beloved iPad with me (how else could I travel?). The thing is an endless source of entertainment, work, thoughts capturing, game center and more.

iPad, the undisputed king of tablets, has saved me.

The iPad might be winning the tablet battle on the ground, but Android is on its way to owning the air. Boeing has chosen the Android platform for in-flight entertainment for its new 787 Dreamliner airplane. Once integrated, passengers will be able to play games, listen to music, watch video, and more from the comfort of their seat.

I wonder if passengers will also be able to download skins, themes, tweaks and home-screens replacements like they do with their Android based smartphones… (I guess not).

The 7-17 inch displays will be manufactured by Panasonic and will support touch.

BTW, Boeing is just the latest player in the airline industry turning to Android for in-flight assistance. Skycast Solutions recently introduced TrayVu, an Android-powered entertainment system, which is said to be both lightweight and easy to install, built into seat-back trays. American Airlines began offering 6,000 Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablets as an entertainment device for first-class passengers on select 757 and 767 flights.


Cammy said…
This explains that Steve Jobs is more oriented to the users while Android is courting the businesses for its system. We'll see which one will make it to the top.
Wow, mobile technologies have gotten so far. I think this is what's good with competition. Companies will always strive hard to be on top when it comes to customer satisfaction.
Wow, Android is taking the market. But yes, what's more "in" with the personal choice? I think iPad still has got the cake. ;)
ann said…
Good that your iPad saved you, it only shows how technology was able to change the things were used to. I guess, for the betterment of everyone.
Only Ayurved said…
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