Does "fast" mean: "fast"? Or does it mean: "smart"?

Smartphones and tablets are so powerful these days, they can run a complete office, and still, when talking about mobile applications – the CPU power cannot overshadow a problematic user interface, or an inefficient data loading, or the lack of decent validations or workflows.

Users need to get things done quickly and efficiently when they are outside working.
They need to get inside (their mobile app), do their thing, invest minimal clicks, minimal typing, trust their system to protect them from making mistakes or wasting time on redundant procedures, and get out. It's as simple as that.

Smart mobile applications in the enterprise should be optimize to operate efficiently while in the field:

  • Load minimal data (only what is required)
  • Present subsets of the information based on the context (data type, time, location, stage, user)
  • Guide the users by using wizards, workflows, validations, auto-population, filters of information, pre-defined drop down lists
  • Allow frequently used actions to be done within a single click, and from practically everywhere…
  • Do all this even when you are working completely offline in a disconnected environment. 

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