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The Galaxy Note is not only bigger than any other smartphone we've seen so far, it also brings some cool drawing features that turns it into a better note taking gadget than any other smartphone out there.

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Smartphones continue to grow with the announcement of Samsung Galaxy Note (Android) and HTC Titan (Windows Phone 7.5)

Samsung's idea with the Galaxy Note is simple: people carry around multiple devices: smartphones, tablets, and sometimes even laptops. In addition, many people still carry around a paper based notebook to quickly take handwriting notes.

Idea behind Samsung Galaxy Note

This is where Samsung believes the Galaxy Note can become useful: replacing the physical notebook by allowing free handwriting with a built in stylus, and embedded writing inside apps. That, in addition to being a giant phone with a giant screen display (5.3 Inch WXGA), and a powerful camera (8 megapixel plus an extremely powerful video, full HD camera).


The comeback of the Stylus!

S Pen Technology = HTC Scribe Technology?

The Samsung Galaxy Note allows you to draw or write on multiple surfaces, but Samsung did not invent it. HTC was the first to introduce this feature in HTC Flyer – called HTC Scribe Technology (Read more about HTC Flyer tablet and the Scribe Technology)

Samsung Special S-Note Apps:

The S Pen advanced technology is combined with the full touch screen, generating a higher level of control for the user. Increased functionality of the stylus helps creating accurate drawings and write quickly notes or ideas.

  • S Planner is a professional tool highlighted by the device’s large screen. Management of Planner function includes the list of notes and calendar; the intuitive control and navigation helps users to organize their schedule in detail.
  • S Memo is a multimedia application designed to record all content created by the user.
  • Pictures, voice, text, handwritten notes or drawings can all be stored within a single application and converted into a memo to be edited, annotated and distributed later.
  • Samsung plans to launch the S Pen SDK, enabling application developers to create entirely new applications and services that incorporate the functionality of the stylus.


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Trusted Reviews:

We're impressed with the Samsung Note but aren't necessarily yet convinced it's something we'd want to buy. It's patently ridiculously large to use as a standard phone and the note taking extras seem of debatable benefit. But with such a superb screen and impressive other hardware, it's definitely one to look out for if video and gaming on the move is important to you.

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CNet Review:

The Samsung Galaxy Note feels like a slick Android device, with its powerful 1.4GHz processor and 8-megapixel camera. We're not sold on the stylus though, and at 5.3 inches we wonder if it's portable enough to replace your smart phone.

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Metformin said…
its to great. Its like a magic box in hand
What stuns me about this phone is the screen size,long battery life and hardware specifications. I'm not sold with the S pen. I feel that its only beneficial to artist and we all know that not all people are artistic.