Free iPhone App Alert: Spartans Vs Vikings

Here's a nice little game that is now completely free: Spartans Vs Vikings.

It's kind of a mixture of the strategy game like RISK™ with the action of a CLASSIC HACK 'EM UP:

✓ STRATEGIC map-play
✓ ACTION-PACKED real-time battles
✓ 5 AWESOME mega-levels
✓ 5 AMAZING skills
✓ 7 on 7 mini-battles
✓ 3 UNIQUE environments
✓ cute CARTOON style

Give it a try, it's currently free...

BTW, this post was written directly from my iPhone using the new Blogger app. I hope the images will look OK...


great information.. i like it.i really appreciated your effort keep it up.
The images looks fine but you should have rotated it. Anyways, i played this game once and for me i think they need to come up with more challenging levels. Overall though, the game's ok.