How to synchronize Outlook Tasks with iPhone and iPad? (Exchange Synchronization)

I still don't understand why all the leading mobile operating systems (namely: iOS, Android, WP7… [OK, maybe it's funny to call WP7 a leading OS with something like 2% market share…]) ignore exchange tasks and support only emails, contacts, calendar (and sometimes notes).

Hey, big guys, haven't you noticed that the first thing people are looking for is a 'Todo' list?

In fact, the only mobile OS to support it OOTB is BlackBerry, where the tasks list is automatically synced with the Exchange.

Anyways, after finding a nice WP7 app to work with Exchange/Outlook Tasks, here's something good for iOS (iPhone and iPad).

tasktask HD iPad app with exchange sync

TaskTask and TaskTask HD are 2 applications that will synchronize your exchange tasks directly with your iDevice (iPhone, iPod, iPad, iWatch, iSpeak, iBuckle, iRing, iNeck).

The layout of those apps is decent, nothing special about the UI, but the important thing is that they both have a simple way to add tasks quickly using free text (using "return" to create multiple ones), as well as a "traditional" way to add the task with due dates, notes, and all of those fields that most of us don't really need…

tasktask-tasklist tasktask-outlook-exchange-tasks-screenshot-5

Bottom line: essential app if you are using Outlook Tasks and want to be able to view, modify and add new ones directly from your iPhone or iPad.

Head over to iTunes site to find out more about TaskTask and TaskTask HD.

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Chandra Murali said…
Upcoming Windows Phone 7 "Mango" supports ToDo Out of the box, works perfect!
Gil Bouhnick said…
Cool. Thanks for the tip.
I'm still waiting for the official update to hit my Samsung Omnia 7...
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Anonymous said…
I've been using TaskTask with MS Exchange for over a year and it was great. Just what I needed. Since joining a new company that uses Google instead of MS Exchange, I'm struggling to find a suitable alternative. I really don't want to abandon the clean workflows in Outlook Tasks (email to tasks for example).
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