More iPhone jokes

Here are 8 funny pictures I found in MakeUseOf – enjoy!

(BTW, have you noticed it's extremely hard to find good Android jokes?)


Just got a new iPhone:

Just got a new iPhone - funny

Slide to unlock - funny iphone


Best iPhone theft protection:

Best iPhone theft protection - funny iPhone


Space Bar:



Watching Videos:



How couples really sleep:


Why you shouldn't buy iPhone 5 (click to enlarge):

(Speaking of iPhone 5, 5 Things I Don't Want To See In iPhone 5)

justhungry iphone5

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I like the joke about a sleeping couple.. You know what? That's 100% true!
Lol... I really love that first android joke. That guy was so into his new Droid he didn't even notice his girl left with another guy.

I found all five of them funny but the first one was definitely my favorite. Nice post Gil.
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