Skype app is coming to Windows Phone in just a few months


Few days ago I wrote about things that Microsoft must do in order to save Windows Phone 7.

The included 5 areas where Windows Phone 7 can and should become the leader, area number 4 was Skype:

"Free calls, free messaging, voice-based SMS, location based walkie talkie, 3D video calls with special effects, I don't care. Just do something that will shock the world, and make all of those Skype users out there consider getting a Windows Phone 8 device.

Skype integration should kick ass, but it also should include new features and integration with the productivity tools and apps. If Microsoft can only come up with a winning combination with a unified approach – people will look differently at Windows Phone."

skype is oming to wp7 windows phone 7

According to Engadget, Skype is coming to Windows Phone this fall:

"That last tidbit is courtesy of Microsoft's own Joe Belfiore, stating that "Skype will be coming to the Windows Phone 7 platform this fall" while speaking live at MIX 11. We hesitate to act surprised, but given the prior reports that it may be a pipe dream, we're most certainly breathing a bit easier hearing this. Now, if only a WP7 phone would ship with a legitimate front-facing camera..."

Great. Now it's time to surprise us Microsoft. Do something freaking amazing with the combination of Metro, Skype and Windows Phone.

Who knows, I may find other items on my list which are on Microsoft's roadmap!?

More about the planned integration in here: Skype Windows Phone app to integrate deeper than iPhone


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