What is the most popular smartphone in the world? The moron test


My latest post over at MobilityDigest (What should Microsoft do to order to save Windows Phone 7?) started a little fight between furious Windows Phone lovers, Android fans, and iPhone… well, actually I was the only one representing iPhone …, "How can you claim WP7 is a failure?", "How can you not claim it's a failure!?", "You are a failure yourself!", and so one… (see over 50 comments, most of them pretty aggressive and rude, but that's typical when it comes to comparing mobile operating systems… ).

Anyways, after reading the comments, some of them really childish and dumb, I decided to do a dumb test in order to finally find out:

  • What is the most popular mobile operating system in the world?
  • What is the most popular smartphone?

To make the test really foolish, I approached the one and only, the mighty one who knows everything, the one we all go to when we need help and guidance: Google.

I used a few search terms, and compared the number of results I got in each of them, replacing the name of the mobile operating system.

The test is definitive. The results are undisputable. It cannot fail!

What is the most popular smartphone in the world?

Here are the results:

*Clarification: [X] stands for the term I' planted: iPhone, Android, or 'Windows Phone 7'.

Phrase iPhone Android WP7
[X] 2,590,000,000 1,920,000,000 243,000,000
[X] App 1,900,000,000 746,000,000 1,790,000,000
Looking for a [X] Phone 476,000,000 254,000,000 1,810,000,000
dropped my [X] to the toilets 1,960,000 958,000 638,000
I love my [X] 1,960,000,000 874,000,000 625,000,000
I hate my [X] 152,000,000 99,600,000 52,800,000
Left my wife for an [X] 47,200,000 18,900,000 24,800,000
Dog chewed my iPhone 2,010,000 2,720,000 744,000

My immediate conclusions?

  1. iPhone is the most popular smartphone in the world
  2. We all go to the toilets with our phones. We wash only our hands afterwards…
  3. There are a lot of weird people thinking of leaving their wives in favor of a gadget
  4. With so many people looking for Windows Phone 7, it's either going to be a hit very soon or it's really damn hard to find stores that actually sell it
  5. Dogs prefer Android

Aren't you feeling lucky you finally know the answer?

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Anonymous said…
ha ha... I like the last conclusion. My dog likes my phone too...
Great article …Thanks for your great information, the contents are quiet interesting. I will be waiting for your next post.
iPhone is really something. I like the way you post about what's the most popular smart phone today. I don't think I'd love to see my dog with my phone.
Wheel Trims said…
Dogs prefer androids lol! That's some crazy analysis you have there. The only thing I agree with you is most us go to the toilet with our phones :)
It's really difficult to compare phone systems and brands. I think it's better to go with the one that you trust. Reading reviews is good but you can't trust their verdict all the time. There are even companies that use paid reviews just to promote their products.
Metformin said…
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