10 signs your smartphone is just too big

How big is your smartphone

Your smartphone is mistaken for an e-reader? Your biceps are growing bigger? You find weird holes in your pockets? You find yourself using your landline phone more often our of laziness to pick up your smartphone? People are staring at you while you are walking outside while talking? Your smartphone might be just too big…

I got this nice tip from Melissa, and I thought it may be nice to share it here: 10 signs your new cellphone is just too big. Enjoy.

For a long time I thought that the bigger the smartphone is – the better. Lately I discovered that no matter how big is the smartphone, it will never match the browsing or reading experience of a tablet. And once I got my iPad – it took over all my reading tasks.

5 minutes before Apple shows the world how iPhone 5 and then the entire smartphones are going to look like – it's nice to remember that big smartphones do have a comfort price:

So how big exactly is your smartphone?


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