The Best Stories of Summer 2011

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The summer is officially over, and I still didn't get my Mango update (still waiting though). Few minutes before iPhone 5 is officially revealed and changes everything once again (yes, I'm telling you, I can feel it's going to be huge), let's take a look at the best stories of summer 2011, here at the mobile spoon:

Mobile Fever Personal Devices In The Enterprise

So the summer started with Apple's announcement of iOS 5. It looks like this version is focused on closing functional gaps with all the other mobile platforms rather than inventing new stuff. I actually think it's brilliant, as it will place iOS as a supreme platform once again.
Read more about iOS 5 in here: iOS5 – A Lame Catch-Up Or A Final Blow To Competition?

Exactly at the same time, we learned that ShockWave is about to finally take part in a Transformers movie (Shockwave arrives to Transformers 3), unfortunately, the evil Decepticon act was disappointing, unsurprisingly I might add…

I ended June with a business travel in which I learned that the iPad is my greatest travel companion. iPad is unstoppable at the moment and there is no other tablet that can match with it, but it didn't stop me from predicting that by mid 2012, Android will lead tablets market. Think about what happened with the smartphones sales during 2010 and you will see that my prediction is not so far fetched.

What else happened in July? This blog finally got a mobile version (it's about time, isn't it…) which will not allow you to read it directly from your smartphone in a mobile friendly layout.

August started with the 30th anniversary of the cellphone. No doubt, the cellphone is one of its' kind – it keeps getting younger and better instead of getting old!

Google plus was released and we gave you 12 interesting facts about it. By the time we got used to it, Google made another bold move and purchased Motorola, we think Moogle is a much better name than Googerola… don't you?


Meanwhile, mobile world is turning into a war zone, with law suits and events that are enough to write a novel series. It doesn't stop (or maybe it actually pushes) the only cross platform technology these days – HTML5 from becoming the biggest growing developers ecosystem in 2011. I've started writing a lot about HTML5 here and also at the mobilefever in a guide called: The Truth About HTML5:

The Raise Of HTML5

The Truth About HTML5 - Part #1
The Truth About HTML5 - Part #2
The Truth About HTML5 - Part #3

You can find a more articles about HTML5 in here.


Rise and Fall of HP and Palm

What else happened during August? Oh yeah, HP killed Palm. Well, actually it killed it a year ago, but now it killed webOS as well… or maybe someone like Samsung, HTC, or even Intel will be bold enough to purchase this poor sweet mobile OS?
The rise and fall of HP and Palm: Back to the past (year 2002)



As I found myself spending 3 weeks in a hospital, I learned that Metro UI is indeed everywhere, I really enjoy my WP7 phone, but I think that even with the expected Metro update (bring it on already!) it may not be enough… Here are 5 things Microsoft should do in order to really make WP7 successful.

Windows 8 Metro Style UI

September's biggest event was the Microsoft Windows Build event – is that the beginning of Microsoft's comeback? I believe so, I like the direction of having a "mobile oriented" tablet device combined with a full Windows capability. Is it a bold move or will it fail? Here are 3 possible scenarios.


It was one hell of a summer, let's wrap-up this summary with a smile:

Stupid Idea - iPod Touch

What is the most popular smartphone in the world? The moron test

More iPhone jokes

Hope you enjoyed reading the mobile spoon this summer, even if you haven't always agreed with my opinions.

Yours, as always,
Gil Bouhnick.

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