How iPhone and facebook can deal with scumbags

Here's an amazing story I read yesterday in the newspaper:

An iPhone was stolen by a thief, who tried to unlock the password for a couple of times.

What the poor thief didn't know was that the owner of this iPhone was quite a techie; the iPhone was jailbroken and included a nice little app called: iGotYa.

iGotYa runs in the background and takes a picture (front camera) every time an unsuccessful attempt is made to unlock the password protected lock-screen and sends it to a pre-configured email.

iGotYa App for iPhone

The owner of the iPhone did not settle with the emails alone, he used another powerful technology tool: social networks. He kept publishing the pictures of the thief in facebook asking his friends to share them with their own friends.

After a couple of hours it paid off: someone recognized the thief standing next to a bus station and reported about it to the police – the thief was captured.


Metformin said…
What a apps (iGotYa) made by Steve. Now the iPhone is more secure