How to create custom ringtones for your Windows Phone 7 Mango?

There is one thing about Apple which I never understood, and that's iTunes.

It's probably one of the worst applications I've ever used. The UI has nothing to do with Apple's amazing user interface design, and it's damn slow.

However, don't be upset my fellow Apple fanboys, because I just found an application which is even worse: Microsoft Zune.

It's significantly slower than iTunes, the UI is pretty hard to understand, everything is customized so scroll bars are not acting as they usually do, etc.

I never really cared about Zune, as I only did some basic synchronizatrion with my Windows Phone 7 device, however, today I tried to build those customized ringtones that Mango finally supports. It took me an hour to do it. It's way too long, and it's far from selecting a song, and setting it to be a ringtone: you will need to work real hard, in order to get those custom ringtones loaded to your device.

Option 1: Do it yourself

Basically this technique requires that you trim your song to be shorter than 40 seconds (39 will do) and that the size of the file (MP3 or WMA) will be smaller than 1 mega.

Once you've done that (here's one app that will help you trim your songs), you need to modify your song (through Zune) to be defined as a ringtone, and only then you can add it to your phone and the phone will automatically load it to the custom ringtones list.

Sounds complicated? You bet.

Here is the full description – how to add custom ringtones to your Windows Phone 7

Option 2: Download an app that will do it for you

I tried a few, and no one is perfect, but I think that Myxer might be a good app to start with: it has a large collection of ringtones and it is completely free.

Once you found a ringtone you like, you can download it directly to your mobile as a ringtone. This way is much faster than the Zune way. I guess that in some areas a smartphone is just more efficient than a whole computer..


Metformin said…
Every one who using the iPhone facing the same problem with the iTunes
css forms said…
I like second option more. Automated process is much more beautiful.
Hey Gil,

My brother needs to read this article because he has a zune. I am planning on switching to a Windows Phone 7 and the Myxer app is what I'll use to customize my ringtones. Thanks for sharing.
Anonymous said…
In truth Zune is actually not bad. On my PC it is pretty fast, much more so than iTunes. Admittedly I did only get it for my WP7 too, but I use it as my music (not video, VLC for that) player. Thanks for the myxer tip though, most appreciated.
I've been a sucker for customized ringtones since I was just in high school. :) And the Do It Yourself option is indeed doable. :)
I think I'll just download Myxer whenever I feel like having my customized ringtone. That way is much easier I guess. :)
you can turn down the animations in Zune software in the settings to make it run faster.
new ford said…
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