I've Been Nominated For The 2011 Mobile Visionary Star Award

Mobile Star Award - Visionary - Gil Bouhnick - Director of Mobility - ClickSoftware

I've been mostly traveling and working during the past couple of weeks and actually missed some interesting mobility events like the official launch of Android Ice-Cream Sandwich (kind of a long name, isn't it?). It's also the reason why this blog has been so quiet lately.

I'm hoping to get back to regular activities here at the mobile spoon by next week, but In the meantime, how about some support from you, my loyal readers?

I've been nominated for the 2011 Mobile Star Award and I would really appreciate your help in voting for me (here's why: Gil Bouhnick, Director of Mobility).

So if you are following the mobile spoon and have found this site to be interesting, and informative – I would be honored if you could spare 2 minutes and vote for me. Voting is fairly simple, and doesn't require filling in all the questions, it's perfectly fine to fill in just a couple of questions as well (the section I'm participating in is almost the last one in the list).

How to vote?

  1. Sign up at http://www.mobilevillage.com/subscribe-gomobile.htm, using one of your emails (there are 5-6 fields to fill, that’s it…)
  2. Then you can vote using the following link: http://www.mobilevillage.com/awards.htm
  3. No need to fill in all the questions (you shouldn't vote for all of them): just skip to the bottom of the list and you will see the "Visionary" category. My name (Gil Bouhnick, yep, shocking, but that's my real one…) is there as one of the nominees.
  4. Enter the same email you used (when you registered) in the bottom of the page, and submit
  5. Do not unsubscribe to the GoMobile newsletter. It's actually a useful and interesting. Unsubscribing during the next 2-3 months will cancel the vote…

That's it.

Clear and simple (hopefully). Thank you for following the mobile spoon, and thank you even more if you took the time to vote for me. I really appreciate it.

See you all in my next post real soon,

Gil Bouhnick.


Metformin said…
You definitely win this "2011 Mobile Visionary Star Award"

Best of Luck
Wow, congratulations! Many will definitely root for you! Your site is very great and useful. :)
redtrk said…
You have my vote! Great job as always and love The Mobile Spoon, good luck.
A big congratulations to you Gil. I've never heard of the 2011 Mobile Star Award but I hope you win. I will definitely sign up and vote for you. Good luck and keep the great posts coming.
Bridge said…
WOW very Nice, A very- very Congratulations.