iOS5 and WP7 Mango just came in… What should I start with?


This Saturday, October 16, was an "upgrade" kind of day.

It started with me upgrading my iOS devices to version 5, they were all upgraded smoothly expect for my wife's iPhone. The restore backup failed – and that's after I promised her Apple products do not have bugs. After hours of investigation, we learned that her computer had some problem with available memory, that ruined the backup and left her with a new iPhone, but without her important stuff…

While we were WASTING our time trying to figure out what's wrong, I got a notification from my Samsung Omnia 7 saying that my Mango update is ready(!!!). Finally, but isn't it a weird coincident to have both updates available at the same day?

I mean, what do I do now, play with iMessages or look for my social features WP7? Get excited about having exchange tasks loaded to my iPhone or… having my exchange tasks loaded to my WP7 phone?

Well, that's it actually. No time to write… I have 2 new AMAZING phones I need to take care of… I still need to decide which one will be carrying my MASTER SIM tomorrow…
Tough Choice…

Now I understand why Monogamy is actually a good thing…


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