iPad surpasses netbooks sales – I totally understand why…

iPad vs netbooks

I purchased my first (and only) netbook a couple of weeks before the first iPad was announced by Apple. I figured a netbook would be a cool companion when blogging and performing the researches I constantly do. I was wrong.

Netbooks have the same kind of non-portable form factor like laptops: you need to place them on a table to really make them useful. In addition, typing is not as convenient as with laptops because of the size of the keyboard.

I found out the hard way that I really don't get along with a netbook and that in 90% of the cases I will prefer to simply use my laptop instead.

Then came the iPad, and proved that there is a way to get rid of a laptop – and that's a tablet.

Since I got my iPad, I am using it to perform most of my reading tasks, research and some email activities as well. Not to mention other stuff like managing my websites, playing stupid games and more. I can use it everywhere, while watching TV, eating, while lying in bed, in the shower, toilets (yeah, well, everyone does that, don't get all excited about it), in the middle of a bungee jump, everywhere! 

True, it didn't replace my laptop for other working activities or the actual blogging, but I'm sure that will come as soon as good apps will be introduced in this area as well.

To me, the trio: laptop, iPad, and smartphone, is the perfect combination. Netbook is not included.

According to ABI Research firm, global tablet sales into channels exploded in the second quarter of 2011 to surpass netbooks for the first time in the emerging category’s young history. Shipments of media tablets ballooned 112.5% in the second quarter to reach 13.6 million units, up from 6.4 million tablets in the first quarter this year. Netbook shipments declined from 8.4 million units to 7.3 million over the same period, just over half the number of media tablets shipped in the quarter. ”This is a trend that we do not expect will reverse,” said ABI’s group director, mobile devices Jeff Orr in a statement. “As they are different segments, this is not a direct replacement behavior, but a changing of leadership for the most interesting device type.” ABI says Apple’s iPad line was responsible for 68% of tablets shipped globally in the second quarter, and the firm expects 60 million media tablets to ship globally in 2011.

Wow, not only tablets sales are now bigger than netbooks, iPad alone (9.2 million in second quarter) got higher numbers than the entire netbooks sales in that quarter (7.3 million).

And all of that in just 2 years… isn't that amazing?

If you are stuck with a netbook, just like me, here's an alternative for you, something to do with your old netbook. I'm sure you will find it beneficial.


Hey Gil,

The fact that iPad sales surpassed netbook sales is proof that these tablets aren't just a trend that will fade away quickly. And I agree, it is amazing that in 2 years iPad alone got higher numbers than the entire netbooks sales. Incredible numbers in such a short time.
Lenghas said…
Yup, It is an amazing alternative for my old notebook, thanks for giving me such a great idea.
Metformin said…
Only the Brand name enough to the success of iPad surpasses
Anonymous said…
Tablets are shit. Period. The answer to your question is that you don't need a tablet and don't need a netbook, you are just a bored consumist guy that spends money for having the last toys. Like every tablet owner. Crap, useless heavy expensive toys for idiots.
There's no surprise to this. This is how computing is going to be done. Have an iPad sit next to a laptop, the laptop would really look prehistoric.
I know what you mean. Using netbooks is really uncomfortable because of the screen and keyboard size and as of the moment, laptops are the best gadget in terms of blogging activities and other computing tasks.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said it best! Tablets/Pads/etc are all shitty gimmicks hyped as 'must have' accessories to life. Miniaturization is NOT in the best interest of the consumer but it definitely IS in the best interest of a company's profit margin where they can sell relatively useless items en-mass at bloated prices and have everyone believing their life is so much better while they stab and poke at tiny little screens with their ever-chubbier fingers. It's social engineering and the lemmings are eating it up.