iPhone 5: We've been ripped off by Apple


What do you mean there's no iPhone 5? We all saw the new cases… we all saw the mockups, the gestures-friendly home button… the 4 inch screen… haven't we?

What a disappointment. It's the first time I'm actually excited, waiting to see Apple's new wonder, a combination of the anticipated iOS5 with a completely new hardware design, we've waited longer than usual, and for what? For another one of those ugly plate style mini-smartphones? For a dual core? Dual core is almost a standard by now… it feels like it belongs to the 80's! There's nothing interesting there.

Nope. I don't care about Siri. Siri is just another app. It was there before Apple purchased it. It As good as it may turn out to be – it will not change the fact that today's event is a rip-off.


iPhone 4S vs all the other smartphones - specifications - the mobile spoon

I'm even embarrassed to think about all of that time I wasted searching for iPhone 5 mockups, reading rumors about the new screen size, new home button, etc.

Boo x 2…

And while I'm booing: what about that "free" iPhone 3GS? That's a sad joke! iPhone 3GS is a 3 years old phone, people throw 3 years old smartphones to the garbage. Even if they have an Apple logo…

Can you guys feel the smell? It's not a nice one… it smells like the beginning of the end; iPhone 4S might be the best smartphone today, but it doesn't have any real competitive edge any longer. In fact, it has one big problem which is the screen size. Oh, actually it has a bigger problem: Android. Samsung. HTC. Microsoft.

There won't be a new iPhone for me. It's sad, but I can't stand that iPhone 4 design. I can't stand being ripped off. I'm now waiting for the real iPhone 5 to come out. Something tells me Apple will have to release it sooner than later. They may even have it already in advanced development status already…

Until then… I guess I'm… free?
Hey Google! HTC! Samsung!? Nokia!? (Ok maybe not Nokia), Microsoft! There's a smartphone'less guy over here who is really desperate for a new phone!
Anything interesting to offer?



Anonymous said…
how is it a rip off when they didn't make any of the claims that you are mad at them for not fulfilling?

it's not their fault that people obsess over every rumor and speculate for months.
Anonymous said…
and the 3gs might be a few years old but it is a perfectly capable phone and a lot of people would like a free smartphone, especially if it is from a brand they trust (apple)
Gil Bouhnick said…
You have a point there.

Still, I would expect that Apple to set the right expectations in order to prevent the disappointment that is currently everywhere...
Michael Martin said…
Google is announcing the next Android update, Ice Cream Sandwich, & new Nexus phone here in San Diego next week for real advances in smartphone technology.

iPhone 5 will end up copying these features along with the Nexus S hardware specs from 2010.
That's really a nice opportunity for other companies to win as many customers now as possible. Until iPhone 5 is released Apple has nothing to offer - and that's its disadvantage.
Dave said…
For me all this is just a great opportunity to buy the last model even cheaper!